We cannot make a mistake

Given the situation, it is our responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our residents. These precautions, which are covered in more depth below, include anything from routine cleanliness to uninterrupted supply of everyday necessities.

Pro-active management of residents

We firmly believe that risk-taking should be avoided. In order to rule out any possibilities, we’ve implemented methods to monitor the present health of all of our residents, including an analysis of their medical and travel histories.

Thermal Monitoring at Entry/Exit

Medical & Travel History

24x7 Quick Response Teams

Service continuity planning

Our residents, as always, are our responsibility. While many have gone back home, for those who have stayed, we are doing everything within our jurisdiction to ensure life is as close to being normal as possible.

24x7 In-House Staff

Food Stock Planning for Months

Internet & Power Back-ups

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