21st Century Living Spaces

We believe that a student’s hostel life is not just about comfortable living, great amenities and excellent food. What makes it special is an environment that enriches the lives of our residents and provides them with a truly unique and enjoyable living experience.

Amenities We Offer


  • Ventilated and spacious rooms
  • Air conditioned rooms equipped with
    modern furniture
  •  Fully equipped Gymnasium
  • Badminton Court. Indoor Gaming Zone
  • Reading room cum Library, Seminar Room, Amphitheater.
  • Air conditioned Dining area, 24×7 Pantry
  • 24×7 Laundry, Green spaces, Secured

Empowering Innovation through Cutting-Edge Technology

We understand the importance of staying connected, and therefore, offer unlimited and uninterrupted high-speed wi-fi to all our residents. We also provide an app-enabled system for easy living.

Don't come expecting
"Hostel-PG food"

Instead, bring a huge appetite for delicious, healthful meals. with regionally inspired flavour. And that simultaneously sends your taste receptors on a trip back home.

Read Why We are Expert in The Market

Personality characteristics are shaped by the social exposure and individual’s ability to gain knowledge and experience through his/her interaction with the external world.

Community Building

Academic Calendar of events like freshers, festivals celebrations, fests, farewell, etc. to create an unforgettable journey for all.

Making Residents Industry Ready

Conducting Seminars, Workshops, Career Counselling, One on One counselling with experts, Providing internship opportunities to enhance practical knowledge.

Resident Clubs Forming Resident Clubs for

representation, allowing for residents’ personality development, teaching the unity and growth while also helping them better their communication skills.

Placement Cell

Creating a directory of complete talent for recruiters and providing residents with placement opportunities according to their skill set.

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    Always have us

    "at your fingertips"

    Be Heard. Without saying a word

    Not only are our meals deliciously homely, they are also customizable. Pick and choose from our varied menu on the app and we’ll serve it up, piping hot.

    "Ankur Living"

    Ora Life is a specially curated program by Ora Living for our residents to help them in their holistic growth – personal, academic and social.

    Develop skills that are relevant for the 21st century workplace for our residents like digital literacy, critical thinking, creativity problem-solving and empathy.

    Learn from trainers who have trained professional (BBC) speakers to enhance your communication skills for personal and professional growth

    Entrepreneur in Resident Program
    Our residents gets hands-on experience in entrepreneurship from experienced business mentors and professionals, along with an opportunity to earn and network.

    Experience Based Learning
    Learn from the life journey of successful individuals from different fields. Gain insights into their experiences, challenges and successes.

    Explore new topics related to history, culture, money management, dance, music and rediscover yourself.

    Never a dull moment

    In your story, your stay with us will be the most memorable chapter.

    Our Client Testimonials

    What peoples say about our comfortable living home stay

    Rahul M
    Rahul M
    Ankur Living provides a cozy and comfortable hostel experience for students. The homemade food is a delightful touch, making it feel like a home away from home.I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.
    Mukesh Rider
    Mukesh Rider
    Ankur living fosters a strong sense of community amongst to students. The opportunity to build connections with peers is truly invaluable.
    Mohit Kumar Gupta
    Mohit Kumar Gupta
    They curate the best student life experience. The supportive environment and friendly staff make it an ideal place for personal and academic growth.
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    A truly unique and enjoyable living experience
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