Residents spend more than 50% of their wake time in hostels for 3+ years.

Ankur is a student-centric, tech-enabled student-living facility exclusively for the students of university of petrolium and energy studies (UPES), Dehradoon (Uttrakhand). Focused on community living and resident development along with catering to all the living needs of resident students.

Our aim is to create a vibrant and dynamic community that prepares them to be a confident and skilled, and socially and environmentally conscious citizen. Welcome. 

Experience our student-centric, tech-enabled student living.


Our team of highly trained staff is dedicated to providing full-stack services, including infrastructure maintenance, professional housekeeping and access to medical care and attention.


Our planned interiors, landscaped greens, and furnishing provide a comfortable living environment, while our community living spaces encourage social interaction and a sense of belonging.


We understand the importance of staying connected, and therefore, offer unlimited and uninterrupted high-speed wi-fi to all our residents. We also provide an app-enabled system for easy living.


Our aim is to create a vibrant and dynamic community that enriches the lives of our residents and provides them with a truly unique and enjoyable living experience. Encourage positive relationships and social wellness through collaboration and co-creation.

Amenities We Offer


21st Century Living Spaces

Quality, standard and safe living experience Pan-India


To create a trust able co-living brand for all the stakeholders, including residents and their families, by assuring a quality, standard and safe living experience Pan-India.


To become much more than just a place to stay; To provide our residents with a community and a platform to explore, learn and grow together.


  • Transparency
  • Trust worthy
  • Value Centric
  • Team Ownership
  • Mindful

Our unique selling point

Building Leaders for tomorrow - Entrepreneur in Resident Program


Unlocking Possibilities: Embrace Our Game-Changing Programme and Empower Your Journey

21st Century Skill Set

Develop skills that are relevant for the21st century workplace in our residents like - digital literacy, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Expression through Language

Learn from trainers who have trained BBC speakers and enhance your communication skills for personal and professional growth

Building Leaders for tomorrow -Entrepreneur in Resident Program

Our residents gets hands-on experience in entre preneurship from experienced business mentors and professionals. Along with an opportunity to earn and network.

Grow with Leaders - Experience Based Learning

Learn from the life journey of successful individuals from different fields. Gain insights into their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Exploratory Session

Explore new topics related to history, culture, money management, dance, music and find yourself.

Our Journey

Charting a Path of Growth: Embark on an Inspiring Journey of Transformation and Success

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